“Nikolaj Torp Larsen creates delicious soundtracks that, in collaboration with Carsten Dahl’s responsive piano playing, create the breeding ground for some of the most beautiful saxophone ballad playing I’ve heard in a long time.” Niels Overgård, jazznyt.blogspot.com

”Keys & Strings is a major statement from Dinesen” Jakob Baekgaard, allaboutjazz.com

”Keys & Strings  is masterful! ” Ivanrod.dk

“Every now and again, among the many recordings received for review,  their is something that jumps out as something rather special and Keys & Strings by Jakob Dinesen is one of those albums. This is an astonishing recording that is immediately deeply affecting.” Nick Lea, jazzviews.net

“Very poetic, also very creative, expressive, so the music flows and contains a lot of meditative peace in itself. ” Wolgang Giese , musikansich.de

“Jakob remains above all a humble dreamer. And his music is like him” Musicplease.com

“Keys & strings” definitely deserves our predicate, Musenkuß,kissed by a muse” Musenblaetter.de

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