My brother,the great Koh mr Saxman, organized a masterclass. Here I had the chance to share musical visions with the future generation of thai saxophone:
Today, just for this layout to bopbop certainly Jakob Dinesen Jakob Dinesen.Many of you may be wondering who is Jakob Dinesen, Bachelors of the layout is based on a visit in this clip. Are you Jakob Dinesen is a Endoser of 1 P Mauriat Saxophone with a Worldclass level of degree one you removed the Jakob play music according to many corners of the world, meet artists, Top level is not low as chanan? What we will get from this Workshop would not have been there, but it’s just a Skill or the skill of playing alone, this means including. Musical experience through a more global arena. Tell them we have to listen to each other. In this clip, you can play TIJC Jakob job last year. Try to visit each other before came to know each other first. Prior to the actual sound of the Jakob Dinesen was closer to Saxsociety.

Meet & Lesson with The World class Saxman Jakob Dinesen

Workshop design. .. This is definitely a problem, solve the questions every …

The Saxsociety rattanathibeth Wednesday, March 26: at 17.00-18.30, do not miss this great me. …..

Workshop fee (supports the artist.) 300.-per person for system and then meet me!!


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